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Boca Pariamanu

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Boca Pariamanu, a small community at the convergence of the Pariamanu and Las Piedras rivers, where we’ll be until July 6. We’re staying at the Maloca with Fauna Forever, an organization which works with local communities such as Boca Pariamanu to conserve the Amazon rainforest.

This morning we went on a tour of the community, and then a short hike with two of the elders – Alberto and Julio. On the tour, we stopped by the schools, both kindergarten and elementary, ate the meat of the cacao fruit, touched a parakeet, and got to try solar-dehydrated bananas. On the hike, we went to see two pineapple plants, a mahogany tree, and an absolutely enormous brazil nut tree.

After lunch we got to play sports with some people from the community: both soccer and volleyball – we lost (pretty badly) at volleyball. I personally didn’t play in the soccer game, so I’m not sure what the score was on that one.

Tomorrow we’re going to be harvesting yucca root, doing art, learning about medicinal plants, and (hopefully) making our comeback at volleyball!