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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Cracked Streets

Culture in Boudha is vibrant; unspoken love and devotion increases in prevalence the closer one looks, specifically at religion. Regardless, sunken eyes & inverse smiles disclose the reality of a people compacted where falling through the cracks of society creates a sense of fear for the future. A fear of one’s lineage being increasingly cursed by the narrow-minded actions of predecessors. This flailing and failing (arguably past-tense) form of society should in no context be considered endemic to Nepal or any nation, rather to a global culture fueled by human nature. The storms in Kathmandu wash away mud and silt. even some of the discarded waste littering the streets. However, no matter how hard nature tries (currently), the physical & metaphorical structures of society stay resilient. Beauty and love for life is ever present, with love for life being lived painting over much of the grime, but never distracting from a reality hard to overlook.