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Day 1 of Trek

Another postdated yak that was written while on our trek and separated from WiFi. Written on Saturday in Santa Clara la Laguna…



Yesterday morning we said our last goodbyes to our homestay families in Pachaj and then rode in the beds of trucks to the start of our trek. The first few hours were pretty much straight up, and our ascent was filled with breaks. We made the time pass by solving riddles and then finally transitioned from a dense forest into agricultural (mostly corn) fields. We passed through a little village and then started our descent through the forest again, going down for a while, still taking many breaks, before stopping for lunch. After a very entertaining rendition of the song country roads by the boys, we continued our descent. From bowel problems, to a knee injury, to a Seth falling and spilling the broccoli, our last couple hours were quite full of exhaustion, but by the time we reached Santa Caterina Ixtahucan, the little town in the mountains that we were staying in, we all appreciated being done with our hiking for the day. As we arrived it started to pour, and we took turns going into a traditional mayan sauna in groups of three, which was a squishy but cool experience. We had vegetable soup and tortillas for dinner, and then had s’mores while listening to a traditional Guatemalan campfire story, told by Nicte, before playing cards and going to sleep. Although the night was filled with what sounded like all the dogs in the town barking at once, and the roosters started at probably about midnight, our first day of trekking was altogether a success!