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Day 2 in Kunming!

What a wonderful day! We got to welcome our final member of our team at breakfast this morning so we are now complete!

The day started with a visit to the Qiongzhu Temple which was constructed during the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty (1279-1368). To think of what this structure has witnessed over the years, decades, centuries…is hard to fathom. Having the opportunity to see and be in that space was humbling.

The afternoon brought us to a permaculture centre in a Yi community. We enjoyed an afternoon of walking through the village where 40 families have come to practice living with the permaculture tenets as their guide. We walked up the hill to head into the forest to search for mushrooms which would make up part of our dinner that evening. The colours of the mushrooms were stunning and holding them up to the sun emphasized their structure in a beautiful way. As we walked back to the centre, each passerby wanted to see in our baskets what we had found and gave their approval as we continued on our way. The final approval was given by the aunties at the centre who would prepare the meal. We had a language lesson with our instructors  (very appreciated!), before we enjoyed our dinner where we could taste what we foraged. After our closing circle on the rooftop patio of the permaculture centre, overlooking the small plots of corn, cabbage, apples and lettuce, we headed back into the city to the hub bub of traffic and city life.

What a wonderful day with wonderful people!