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A student practices working the fields with a water buffalo. Photo by Ming-Jiu-Li, China Summer Program.

Day in Yichang

Today, we were given the opportunity to explore and see the beautiful city of Yichang. Rather than a simple scavenger hunt, we were asked to do a series of tasks that involved interacting with the locals. Our day started in a local park which was directly adjacent to the Yangtze River. In the park, we had to observe activities that the locals were doing and we had to attempt to join the activity. Ranging from playing basketball to fishing in the river, our group experienced a wide range of Yichang activities. After spending time in the park, our group had to navigate our way through Yichang street markets and find certain foods/vegetables that were popular in Yichang. Through many conversations with locals, our group was able to try Yichang foods and learn about regional vegetables.

After the street markets and having many extensive conversations with different people, one of our group members, Vincent, volunteered to experience an Yichang haircut. Expecting a rough experience, to our delight, the haircut turned out to be great! Overall, our group had a great time exploring Yichang and we are looking forward to seeing more of China!

– Rishi, Jose Miguel, Candela, Vincent