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Expedition phase

Today it was our turn to pick where we wanted to go and navigate our way around Beijing. First we had breakfast at 7:30 and we had sugar bread, soup and dumplings. After that we went to a coffee shop to plan our day. The leader for today was Courtney. The mules for today were Kacey and Ben. The medics were John and Anthony. The navigators are Morgan and Guil. The motivators are Sammi and Sofia. The sweepers were Jasmine and myself. The rooster was Ali and the hydrators are Virginia and Rose. The plan we decided on was in the morning going to the art district and the afternoon going shopping to a shopping district. The plan eventually changed because we thought we had to take a bus that did not exist. Therefore everyone decided to go to a cool park instead. The park was pretty and there we had a journaling assignment in which we had to think about What grounds us in life? and how it came about? and how it affects us? Sofia and Sammi our motivators lead us in a discussion after we wrote it down. After we finished the discussion it was time to navigate our way through the shopping district. Our navigators took us through the subway and everyone safely made it to our destination. After that we had to walk a little to the shopping district. At the shopping district we split up in groups to have dinner and shop. After dinner and shopping we went on paddle boards and it was really fun getting to see the lake in the shopping district.