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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Halfway Through Homestays

Since we are roughly halfway through our homestay, I made a list of 5 achievements I have had and 5 goals for my remaining time here.


5. Rounded up 4 baby cows with Jake and Norbu’s help

4. Weeded potato fields in the rain

3. Played soccer with the village men despite never having played

2. Washed my own dishes and cleaned my own clothes

1. Used a squat toilet while being a 2 on the poop scale


5. Find out how/where to bathe

4. Wake up early so I can prepare breakfast

3. Learn a little more Dzongkha so I don’t always have to speak through Norbu

2. Spend more time with my homestay family

1. Learn all of my homestay family members’ names (I only know Norbu)