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Cambodia Summer Program.

Hammock Musings

Sitting, swaying, swinging
Swinging in a hammock woven in an intricate net
That moves me side to side. The rhythm calms me
A wave of pure serenity washes over me. Washes over me
Like the tide onto the shore below our bungalow

In the distance, I hear the strumming of a ukulele
Voices sing. A melody forms. The notes blend together
And float up in the air surrounding me. Surrounding me
Like the cotton candy clouds above me
That seem to go on for lifetimes.

I feel the cold breeze brushing over me, enveloping me
Into its welcoming arms.
I see the mangroves at the edge of the river
Waving its branches in the wind, almost as if it was calling for help
I hear the sounds of the river, lapping the shore
In perfect time.

I feel
I see
I hear
A girl who has never stopped rushing, talking and doing
Has been slowed down, quieted and calmed
By this lifestyle, this village, this world.