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Beginning the Urban Home-stays

Hello family and friends of our Eastern Himalayas Dragons!

After arriving in Kolkata we traveled north. Spending a full day on a train sipping sweet chai as we watched the landscape slowly transition from hot plains to cool forested hills. At the last stop we proceed to take jeeps into the dense and foggy forest gaining nearly 4,000 ft as we climbed to Kalimpong. Since reaching Kalimpong we have been shrouded in fog with ever once in a while the clouds parting just enough to provide us with a brief glimpse of the surrounding hills.

The past few days here we have been preparing to immerse ourselves in the local culture, through learning about local habits and costumes, discussing risk management issues, and even having our first Nepali language class. Today we leave the confines of the hotel and venture into the heart of the bazaar to meet our host families.

For about the next week we will be living and learning from this community, taking daily language classes, and exploring the town. In addition we will also start our ISP, topics include cooking, blacksmithing, jewellery making, and learning how to play Tibetan instruments. Everyone is in good health and we are enjoying our journey together.