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Hi from Puerto Maldonado!

Hola friends and family,
Clara and Carson here! We’re only five days into this trip, and this group of people already feels like a family. After spending hours at the airports its kind of hard to not begin to feel this way. We’ve been spending the past couple of days getting to know ourselves, each other and the goals and guidelines for this course.
We started the first day off on an amazing note: yoga with monkeys. Imagine doing tree pose while a baby monkey curiously pokes at your ankle, pretty crazy right? Being completely surrounded by the Peruvian jungle and the sounds that it brings is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before.
The group has had the chance to go into the town of Puerto Maldonado a couple of times, and each of us have gotten to experience a bit of the Peruvian life in our own ways.
I (Carson) had an incredible encounter with Iza, a woman with a jewelry stand in the plaza of Puerto Maldonado. I saw her stand and began walking towards her and the Scottish woman she was talking to. I was immediately drawn to one necklace with wire flowers and beautiful blue stones called Sodalita, which is found in Peru. Iza placed it on me and I knew that I needed to have it. Iza immediately began to tear up as the necklace  had a lot of meaning to her. It was the first necklace of this kind she had ever made, and she had spent years trying to sell this piece. Ironically enough, just as I had walked up to her stand, she had been talking to the Scottish woman about her hardships regarding the necklace and her love of it as well. After purchasing it, Iza asked what my zodiac sign was and proceeded to tell me that the stone, Sodalita, aligns with my zodiac sign, Aquarius.
Today we leave for Boca Pairumanu, which is a village in the heart of the amazon. We will take a bus for approximately two hours and then we will hop in flat bottom canoes (motorized so yay). We will have the opportunity to cook with the locals, play futbol with the kids, go swimming, and hike in the jungle. We are all extremely excited and will keep you all updated!
Over and out,
Carson and Clara