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Hola de San Lucas Toliman

Hola! Greetings from an internet cafe in San Lucas Toliman. We are currently on a scavenger hunt to help integrate us into the local culture by having to find locations, buy goods, and meet interesting locals. Yesterday, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Institute of Mesoamerican Permaculture (IMAP). There we learned more about sustainable agriculture and how the Mayan culture is utilized to influence this. We also got to eat many many local meals and snacks prepared by the women at IMAP. Almost all of us agree that one of the best things about Guatemala so far is the food.This trip so far has been very beautiful and we are very excited to go to San Juan la Laguna tonight and meet our first homestay family as well as begin our ISPs.

We will be keeping you posted and much love to all of our families!

Lindsey, Julia, Alex, Sarah