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A practiced hand paints a thanka. Photo by Cara Starnbach, North India Program.

Hosting Our Homestay Family

We are always blessed to have such beautiful community on this trip of dragons, and they are our homestay family heroes. They strengthen our relationship towards our job – what we do and why we do it. Because they open their doors for our students who they never have met and give them time and teach them about their life and culture so our students can benefit from them.

Today we really feel blessed to host them because they are the ones who always host us and we can give respect and gratitude by hosting them. Because the work they do we never get to see but they are the ones who bring the knowledge of the lotus flower into our students’ lives. So we just want to say thank you to them and show our gratitude to them for the work they do… and create safe space for them so they can keep hosting and teaching our students.

Thank you to each of our homestay families! They are real heroes and I can’t wait to meet the next ones Ladakh.