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I think it’s done?

It’s over, the late night talks, constant snacking on wafers and Tortrix, swimming in Lago Atitlan fully clothed, food forest walks, car rides filled with stories and laughter, all the memories that I will keep as long as I can have come to an end. I have conflicting feelings of excitement for home and sadness to leave. Yes I’m sad to leave Guatemala, all the fresh fruit, homestay families that have left me with more than they could know, the beautiful lakes and volcanos that hold stories of the past, saying hello to everyone you see on the street, but the thing I am going to miss most is the people sitting next to me right now. The amount of laughter, enthusiasm, kindness and sheer quirkiness that encompasses all my memories with them seems unreal yet the purest I’ve had in my life. Some of which I will forget, that’s the nature of life, I don’t believe  all memories are meant to be remembered, but to be held until you don’t need them anymore. From the US and beyond I am extremely grateful that our lives crossed paths on this trip. Every one of them has made me laugh so hard I cry, shown me the vulnerability to tell them things I don’t tell friends at home, and never judged anything I said or did. Looking back on this trip I know I will remember the people because they are some of the best I have met in my life.