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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Although only a short period of time, Rumtek has been the worst and the best part of the trip so far. Arriving in a jeep two days ago, I knew I had a cold. Not the most pleasant way to begin our monastery stay. Somewhere in between that initial discomfort and our next meeting with the khenpo though, I took ibuprofen. I still can’t say exactly whether it was the medicine or Khenpo calming voice that put me most at ease. Either way, by the end of that day I was giggling deliriously, both in relief and amusement at how quickly the serious thoughtful tone of a monk was able to change to lighthearted laughter (we were doing laughing mediation).  I can’t say that I’ve reached enlightenment yet, but tonight I will go to sleep with the otherworldly chant of the monks puja still sounding in my head.

Mom, Dad, Cookie – I miss you guys so much. Also fruit and our house and Netflix. Don’t worry about me though – I’m totally fine! See you in a few weeks!