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About a week ago, we split up into teams and toured around Leh. My group was Pia and Cleo. The instructors gave us a list of places to visit. We went downhill first all the way to the Hospital and the boys school. Then, we went all the way uphill past the Women’s travel company, women’s all alliance, donkey sanctuary, and a monastery. Then, we ventured back into the main bazaar. There we got gulab jamaun ( timbits with raisins and almonds in them). We also walked around the Tibetan Refugee Market. We also went to old town in Leh. There we went up to Leh palace. There was a beautiful view from the top of the palace, so I took many pictures. We also went to the house of where the ministers and the musicians lived, during the time of the King living in the palace. There were many photos from that time hung up in the house. There also was a cool old fashioned kitchen. There also was this library with many books and cool messages hanging from the ceiling. It was a great day of touring Leh, and I really got a feel for the city.