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Cambodia Summer Program.

Looking Inward

Yesterday we left the big city of Phnom Penh, where over the course of 3 days we learned firsthand about an all too recent dark chapter of Cambodian history, explored vibrant local markets and tried out our Khmer bargaining skills, and met with empowering local initiatives working to support and transform women’s labor rights. In our transition out of the concentrated, packaged, and bursting at the seams city back to the stretching, flowing, boundary-less countryside of Cambodia that we first got to know and love, the realization that we had moved past the middle part of our course had started to settle in. We arrived in Oudong, the former capital of Cambodia, and the location of our 2-day 3-night meditation retreat at a local temple. This time will be spent largely in Noble Silence, speaking only when necessary or during our lessons and discussions on Buddhism, meditation practices, and mindful living. Taking this time to look and reflect inward, stop the world, and still the mind, we breathe.