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Love-Hate Relationship

After the events of July 9th, I am unsure how I feel about dogs. Cute as they are, there is certainly a side of them that I wish did not exist. This bad side is what I learned about yesterday.

It all started in the afternoon. I could not find my host family so I went to hang out at Oliver’s house. Now, in Nepal it is custom to not wear shoes inside, so I left my shoes outside of Oliver’s house. Little did I know, that was a huge mistake. I hung out with Oliver and Alex for a few hours and when I went to put on my shoes, I noticed that one was missing.

Immediately my mind went into panic mode. Where could my hiking boot have gone? I sort of needed them, because we had a short trek the following day. I gathered my Bahini (little sister), Sabina, and her Saathi (friend), Pranisha, and together we hunted for my shoes. We looked all over the village and could not find them, so we went back to Oliver’s house.

There, Oliver and Alex looked from the deck on the second level to see if my shoe ended up in the fields. Sure enough, Alex spotted my shoe in the field. Pranisha went to retrieve it and when she came back with my shoe, my heart sunk. It seemed that a dog had chewed up the tongue and the laces. One of the laces was hanging on literally by a thread. There was also slobber all over my shoe.

It left me angry, sad, and confused. I loved my hiking boots, and they were ruined by the animals that I love the most. Left to contemplate my feeling towards dogs, I came to the conclusion that they have super bad timing. I wish they chewed up my shoe July 11th and not July 9th. But you get what you get. And I got a chewed up shoe and a new opinion about dogs.


PS: Love you family and miss you! Mom–do we have insurance on the shoes? I am going to get new ones but I want to know if I should keep the boots or throw them away. Please email me. Love you!