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Milk Tea in the Mornings

We all have our systems and preferences in the morning on trek: how we pack, how long we lie in our warm sleeping bag before we get up, how we take down our tent, and how prompt we choose to be to breakfast. One thing we all have in common on these mornings is milk tea. We are all woken up by the comforting voice of a member of the cook crew saying, “good morning, milk tea?” This was our wake up call for each of the seven mornings of the trek. They woke us up promptly every morning, rain or shine, mostly rain, at six with a full and hot cup of milk tea. The milk tea is delicious, it is generously sweet and creamy. This is the thing that I looked forward to when trekking in the rain or as I laid in the tent at night listening to the hail and rain hitting our tents and feeling it slowly seep in. It is something I hope I will never forget the taste of and I hope to replicate, or at least find a suitable alternative for, back home. Nothing can compare to this warm and unforgettable tea and wake up call.