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My Current Surroundings

Truly, nothing remarkable about these clouds…. Comparatively. Albeit, the clouds themselves are different from the ones back home. Instead of hanging high in the sky, they opt to hang low amongst the mountains. Said mountains are why the clouds are of little interest to me. The mountains surrounding the village of Balamchaur (where I currently reside) are no different from the one it is on. Massive green mounds that almost look like green sand-dunes (if you squint your eyes), and each dotted with villages of varying sizes. Some villages looking virtuously inaccessible. Such scenery is much to behold but the real attention is focused on the Himalayas. Sheer monoliths of rock standing double the the height of their green counterparts. Making the green mountains look like mere hills. Their white-capped peaks glistening like jewels in the sunlight. Such a view now blocked by those aforementioned clouds. Now, ancient monoliths lie unseen.