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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

My Thoughts On Nepal

My thoughts on Nepal are that it is very diverse in religion and ethnicities. From walking around the stupa you see more people of different faces and people doing different religious rituals. Also religion is a huge part of Nepal where everyone has their own rituals they do everyday and religious structures and art everywhere. People here in Nepal are very kind and welcoming to travelers. Nepal has many stray dogs and dirty streets and air pollution. However the religious statues and art are beautiful and make the city vibrant in culture. The food here is very good and it reminds me of Indian food. As a part of the importance of religion here everyone walks around the stupa three times and prays and turns the prayer wheels. Some people even lay down on the street to pray. There are also lots of Buddhist monks walking around the city too. However there are many Hindus here too and for many people the two religions coincide. For example there is a small Hindu temple near the stupa. Some other things about Kathmandu and Nepal are that people drink tea a lot and eat with their hands. It is also very crowded and loud in the city with lots of people on motorcycles trying to get by you as you walk.