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Never Forget

He sits under the green silk,
His hands atop his knees
And his sandaled feet crossed.
His weathered words take me
to a time I never lived.
He spoke of mountains and trees,
Guns and rice,
Bikes and families.
He spoke of endless tears,
Sweaty palms,
And pale faces.
He spoke of incredulous laughs,
Soft arms,
And warm sniffs.
He spoke of pain.
He spoke of love.

She crouches on top of the blue chair,
Her hands hugging her sides
And her colorful hair tangled.
Her sharp sentences bring me to a life I never led
She spoke of grass and dirt,
Trees and rings,
Waterlilies and newborns.
She spoke of frozen eyes,
Empty bowls,
And hidden tears.
She spoke of joyous cries,
Firm hands,
And goofy smiles.
She spoke of fear.
She spoke of forgiveness.

Countless hes and shes bear this weight.
Too heavy to carry alone.
Too heavy to let go.
Thousands of lives, thousands of wishes,
Thousands of dreams,
Upon your shoulders.
Your back bends,
Your knees quiver,
Your ankles crumble.
Too heavy to carry alone.
Too heavy to let go.
Pain is burden. You can’t go on.
Pain is treasure. Yet you must go on.
You can forgive,
But you must never forget.