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So, I’m writing a yak post for anyone that has access to a computer and knows about the Dragons website. No pressure, no pressure.

I’m not sure how clearly it has been articulated how much this trip has felt both infinitely long and very, very short. One the one hand, this group has only been in China for about a week, which, in the grand scheme of things (and when compared to the total length of the trip), really isn’t that long. However, it also feels like I’ve always been here with my classmates, going through the same semi-routine of attending class, eating lunch, and learning new skills (obviously, we do more than just this, but I wont get into that now). On the third hand (third hand? Sure, why not), why can’t I feel both things at once? It’s a new experience, one that I am thoroughly enjoying.

All of us only met ten days ago, some of us a bit earlier than others, but we’ve already created bonds that in other circumstances would take a while longer. I like to think that we see in each other friends, as fellow travelers, as another length of rope holding together the log raft adrift in the ocean of 中文. Don’t take this metaphor too seriously, as at face value it seems a bit dark: we have our course set and are (somewhat) smoothly navigating our way through these strange and mystical waters, picking up new skills all the while.

On that note, it is remarkable how much more there is to learn. Our group has yet only seen a small glimpse of the behemoth that is Chinese language, food, culture, and everything else. This reminds me: class is starting soon, so I should get going.

We’ll tell you all about this wen we get home. 18 days isn’t that long to wait.

-Nichos M

P.S. I’m not as poetic as Eli, but I’ll write a poem for the next post. What could go wrong?