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Cambodia Summer Program.

Our First Full Day!

Our first day of orientation has been full of learning, bonding and exploring. We are here in Kirirom Nattional Park, being hosted by the community of Chambok. Simple and delicious Khmer cuisine is cooked for us by women from the local community, and we are living in small community guesthouses which are traditional wooden houses on stilts.

This afternoon we received a traditional water blessing from some monks who live in a nearby temple. We also found out all about the monks and their lives, and we got this photo of us all together!

We have been travelling around in a “ko yun” – or an “iron cow” – basically a slow-moving tractor that pulls a wooden cart. It is a great way to get to see the countryside and greet the bemused community members with waves and smiles. Here are some pictures of us on the way to the temple.