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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Piyush Rap

Day 3 of our hike was dedicated to Piyush, the water purifier we have been using on course. Matthew and Jordon sources lyrics from the student group and compiled them into the following rap…

mmm yeah it’s another lil yoosh rap,
tap water dirty so I piyush that,
pull up to the stupa, where the piyush at,
piyush mad precious like a pearl,
un-piyushed water really finna make me hurl,
piyush gives me pleasure
usefulness beyond measure,
it fills me with emotion,
imma piyush up the whole ocean,
if the situation’s dire,
piyush can be your purifyer,
filled my bottle from a stream,
sounds ljust like a piyush dream,
piyush your water, just 3 drops
can be found in medical shops,
Buy in Kathmandu,
Eat just like fondu,
Haters look at you
Poop scale be a 2
Piyush like magic water,
Turn you into Harry Potter
Piyush is so sublime,
Juciy like a lime,
You asked for the time,
I said it’s piyush o’clock,
piyush-ing on the block,
On his shoulder and it’s so cold int he moment,
Where the water and piyush lord,
I asked him for atonement…