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Cambodia Summer Program.

Rachel’s Yak

Chum reap sua!

To me thus far, Cambodia is a colorful and vibrant place. Whether it is gazing at the blue and red house across the street or spotting a bright dress worn by a young child, Cambodia is a sea of color. Not only do these colors please the eye, they also brighten up my mood. Sleeping through pink drapery onto the porch of my house here and seeing the yellow flowers truly makes it impossible for me not to smile.

I find, however, that where this Cambodian vibrancy most appears is in the hospitality and graciousness of our hosts here. I am beginning to understand how far a smile goes. I don’t need to speak the same language as the people here, but I can still communicate with them by simply smiling. The best part is that everyone here always smiles back. Compared to the NYC environment that I am used to, the warmth from the people here really makes me feel welcome. I cannot wait to explore Cambodia’s vibrancy and the Khmer people’s compassion in the weeks to come.