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Rio Negro

Hearing stories from the communities and realizing the world continues to show love, grief, kindness, and injustice. We only have the guarantee of now and above all we should show kindness.

We had the sincere and somber experience of visiting Rio Negro. A site of the 1982 massacre of 70 women and 107 children, which was carried out by the US backed Guatemalan government. Upwards of 440 other massacres took place between 1980-1982 in the countryside. This one was to eliminate the community that opposed the dam, so it could be built. The others for land grabs or to spread terror.

We climbed the steep mountain high to where the massacre took place, walking the same path the women and children took. As we reached the top, we continue to hear the story of March 13, 1982.

Each one of your children listened with open hearts and minds. All untouched by the surreal experience. As we climbed down we thought of what happened. Later we shared our thoughts.

They talked of how limitless greed is, how power corrupts, and the loss of innocence for capital gain. They talked of starting a foundation to help send kids of the community to school, which is only $12/month. They talked of hope in immense sadness.

It is here in the hearts of your kids that the world will change. Your kids are this change and will do good. They are the future!