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San Juan La Laguna!

We’ve had an amazing week here in San Juan La Laguna learning Spanish at Eco School, getting to know our host families, and being mentored by local artisans in their crafts. I worked with Sacaeo, owner of a local cafe and expert on all things coffee. I spent two hours each afternoon learning about the coffee process, from seed to cup, which is more involved than you might think! I learned about the regions of coffee in Guatemala, and according to Saceo (who is just a little biased), Atitlan coffee from the highlands is the best. I learned about the beneficio humedo, where the beans are grown for years in shaded areas, as well as the beneficio seco where the beans are sorted, deshelled, and roasted. It was super interesting to learn and really fun to get to hang out and watch at the coffee shop as well. Also, I learned a bunch of coffee words in Spanish. It’s been a great week and I’ve learned a lot. Sad to leave my host family but looking forward to San Juan Cotzal on Tuesday!