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Sittong Homestay


We recently spent a week in Sittong, West Bengal in homestays. The biggest thing I learned was how much happiness and fulfilment one can obtain form living a simple life. Happiness is not always measured in material wealth, as many Western people think, but rather in the way in which you choose to live your life.

The people in Sittong are truly happy. Their community is so strong that I often lost track of who was actually in my family due to so many friends and relatives popping in and out of the house and at meals. Though little English was exchanged, I was still able to communicate well with my family, which I thought was cool, and I was also able to practice my Nepali.

From my little sister, her best friend, and their other siblings and friends I learned how a small game or singing can evoke immense joy from everyone. I learned how important of a value community is to every individual, how easy it is for people to accept another if they open their hearts, and especially how much everyone likes soccer! Sittong and everything it taught me will be remembered.