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Sucre And Beyond

Hola Todos,

We have spent the past two days in the beautiful town of Sucre, surrounded by mountains. The majority of yesterday was spent attempting to complete a list of intersting tasks and challenges. This tested not only our Spanish but also our ability to work as a team, as we continue to grow closer. Perhaps the funniest challenge was that we had to ask a stanger to sing a song or tell a joke!

We have been shocked by the different style of food at every meal. A highlight of the food aspect for us all was visiting the market and enjoying a variety of fresh produce. Even the fruit here is completely different to our home towns but is the best we have ever tasted.

Tomorrow morning at 6:00am we will begin a three day trek just outside of Sucre. We will, for this reason, be out of contact for the duration. You can all look forward to some beautiful photos of scenic landscapes when we come back into contact.


James y todo el grupo