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Sutoc Paqha


We’ve been in Urubamba for a few days for orientation, but just finished a long day of travel to get to Ocongate where we will start our trek. I like how this course doesn’t follow a strict outline which leaves room for individual pursuits and allows for everyone to have their own unique experience.

Exploring the area and bonding with everyone is hopefully a hint to how fun this course will be. There is a little conundrum in that most of us have a very basic handle on Spanish, if we even have one, but we’ll be ok.

One of the coolest things we’ve done so far is to visit the Sutoc Paqha Inca Ruins. It was a 3,000 foot climbing elevation on the hike and we spent the whole day at the ruins doing activities and just exploring on our own, and some of us swimming in the river. We also did run into a few sheep herds and a herd of llamas was on the opposite hill.

Anyway, we are going on this five-day trek in two days around Apu Ausangate and I think we are all excited, more than nervous, for it, and hopefully we will see more llamas.


-Philip Psaledakis