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Team Silk Road. Week 1

Heyo Yakboard!

Let’s just start off with the question all you anxious parents are dying to know! Who is this charming man Max? Ok totally joking, all of your kids are safe and in good hands. Though I will say that I personally have never traveled so much in the span of 24 hours before this trip. To be completly honest the plane ride to Bejing was good and bad. On a positive note the people were extremely nice. On the negative side I was dying of thirst halfway through the flight, and the flight attendant filled up half of my water bottle with excruiatingly hot water.

Once we arrived in Xi’an, we took an hour and a half van ride to Cuihua Mountain. Arriving around 2:30am local time we dropped our packs and went to bed.

Spending the next three days learning about cultural do’s and don’ts, Chinese history, and generally preparing for the adventure ahead.

After this we left for the city of Xi’an. In Xi’an we went to museums, saw the Terrecotta warriors, explored the Muslim quarter, and played a little bit of Basketball. Tomorrow we leave for Tianshui and begin preparation for our homestay in the Tibetan plateau.

Thank so much for all the hardwork that everyone has done to send us lucky kids to China!