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Together in Chiang Mai!

Hello everyone!

Just letting you know that Gai and I are now together in Chiang Mai. It has been raining all week but today the rain has stopped. We hope that it stays away while we are here but there’s something refreshing about the rain.

We have been busy working over the past couple of days putting the final touches on our course. We have been meeting with our local contacts and everyone is super excited to meet you all. We also randomly visited some beautiful ruins yesterday together.

Look out for us when you arrive. Gai and I will be at the airport waiting just past the luggage gate. We will take local transport back to our guest house so you can shower and rest. We will spend that first afternoon/evening together getting to know each other and learning the first round of to do’s (and don’ts) in Thailand.

See you all soon!

Jess & Gai.