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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Trek Day 2: Happiness

Today’s theme was happiness!

We shared jokes and riddles on the trail, at mints & snacks, played games, and did our best to be happy on a long trek. When we finally got to camp, we took some time to make a list of the things that make us happy and bring us joy:

  • Kobe – laughter, music, that feeling of connection when love is mutual, fresh air, trust and dependence, inner peace of mind, being proud, fulfilment, passion, smiles, hugs, and conquering/facing fear
  • Topaz – a good night’s sleep and Darjeeling tea in the morning
  • Jack – being with family and friends, this Where There Be Dragons trip (“the worst experience of my life, but I needed it and I loved it”), meeting new people, thinking about myself, discovering the truth, and being alive in this moment
  • Delaney – family, friends, kindness, laughter, and love
  • Raif – nature
  • Matthew – family, video games, good food, music, and Topaz
  • Nick – anything can be a source of happiness if we approach it with the right mindset
  • Juna – my people – my brothers, dad, and my closest friends; being in the mountains; watching rivers (also I love their smell and sound more than anything else); cloud watching, especially when the sun is coming through them and it looks like a renaissance painting
  • Jake – food, air conditioning, friends, working, and family
  • Rebecca – random acts of kindness, especially when there is nothing to be gained; working in my garden, caring for other things brings me joy; expressing gratitude, taking the time to thank and appreciate people around us
  • Jordan – meaningful conversations, engaging in activities that I feel better myself as a person, art, music, and playing guitar
  • Taylor – family, there for everything and still love you; music, relaxing and helps me reflect; hot showers, I just miss them so much
  • Sophia – my dog, always there for me and so cute; travel, learning about and seeing new things/meeting new people; music, makes you feel better and connect with other people; good movies