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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Village Homestay

As soon as I arrived, I felt right at home. My family treated us like royalty. I always feel so guilty watching them serve us, wash our dishes, etc. If we try to intervene and help they never oblige. That is part of the beauty of the village life here. The people have such self-sufficient and set in stone practices surrounding everyday work that there is really nothing for us to do without disrupting the system.

Life here has come with its fair share of challenges for me. For starters communicating has been a challenge. Also, being incredibly sick in a new area with different amenities was a massive challenge. It really made me value all of the small things such as working plumbing, a bathroom close by and supportive family that I have back home.

My next big challenge was breaking a window near a religious site while there were people inside. Without the help of my friends and instructors, I would have been devastated. The next challenge would be boredom. Being bored was a really great thing because it forced me to find other ways to have fun around the village such as walking to the general store, reading, cooking, archery or playing soccer.

In conclusion, life around here is much simpler and refreshing than life back home. However it makes me value everything I have so much more.