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Rice paddy terraces


Hey! I’m Peter, and I’m from the great state of New Jersey. I took five years of Chinese in high school, but my language skill leaves a lot to be desired, so I hope that will improve on the trip. After Dragons, I’ll be doing an internship in Australia. Once that is over, I plan on backpacking around Europe for a little bit before I attend Boston College in the fall.

This will actually be my third trip to China, as I have gone twice before with my school (I have attached a picture of the time I ate a scorpion because why not). These trips were great, but we only spent time in the big cities and touristy areas (Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou), so I am excited to see what Yunnan is like.

I find Chinese religion extremely interesting. One of the reasons I chose this program was so I could learn more about Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. I plan on spending way too much time in temples, so I’m apologizing in advance for that. I’m also a Catholic, so learning about Christianity in China is a pet passion of mine.

Besides that, I love sports, especially baseball and football. I’m a die-hard Yankees and Lions fan, as well as a huge fan of college football in general. I’m also conversational in Hockey (go Devils!). Can’t say I’m too big into Basketball, but that’s because the Nets left NJ and the Knicks are always bad, lol. It’s going to be hard missing the World Series and the beginning of the football season, but I’ll manage!

Well, that’s enough of me. I’m super excited for this trip, and I can’t wait to meet you guys in September!