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A Look Backward: Thailand Trip Through Poetry

Trip to Thailand

off into the night, we did go

seemingly removed from time’s flow

and when time deigned to release the stream of sand

we found ourselves in a foreign land

awaiting us upon arrival were jasmine leis

at INA House we found a place to stay

with buddhist monks we did chat

drinking coconuts to relieve heat’s tax

later that day we visited Doi Sothep

overlooking the city at sunset

by day we visited FAE

asian elephants we did see

by night the market sprang to life

indulging in foot massages to relieve their strife

the next day in MAP we learned how to make a difference, no matter how small

and through ERI we learned not to be afraid of doing it all

with the Dara’ang we learned how to plant rice seedlings

and soaked off the mud and leeches in a sulfuric hot spring

with the Karen we hiked deep

into the rain forest, the climb was steep

spending time with Maetha people of all ages

from students, to farmers, to elders, we experienced all of life’s stages

trekking deeper into the forest than ever before, we were shamed

by guides whos bodies and minds through the years were never lamed

though soon it all must end, more fun is planned

what an experience we’ve had on our trip to Thailand!