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A Rambling Intro

Hi, my name is Bethelihem Tebase, but I’m often called Betty, or, lamentably, Precious as my two older brothers would sarcastically hiss. Nowadays I secretly wish they’d tease me, not by evoking a legendary Ring, but by quoting St. Augustine–still with a hissing voice, I’m sure–A circle whose center is everywhere and its circumference nowhere. . .

Not as catchy. Or taunting. Must everything have a trade-off?

Darting down the slanted slope that separated my house from the pebbly territory of formidable high school flunks, past the tin-roofed shed of the majestic milk-lady–speeding, gowned in wind, so as to subdue my mom’s cautionary cries–and maneuvering through the friendly fume-breathing body of trash, I’d go about my didactic day with no such sense of a trade-off. Night and day were the only contraries then–and they too sometimes lost their contiguity, swirling together like a perfectly-blended Spris as the sun obscured herself behind that juice house I liked.

Emerson held that the world, seen through the experienced eye, is a system of concentric circles. Since coming to Maryland from Ethiopia eight years ago, I’ve grown accustomed to a lot of things; notably, walking. I’ve also welcomed discerning, optimizing, procrastinating, and pre-cooking into my life. As you could probably tell from the above debris of nostalgia, although bearing branches of new experience, the tree, slightly tipped over with their unbalanced patterning, remains rooted in old soil. And, as the tree loses its fixture, so does the outermost orbital its electrostatic energy.

In fact, here’s a more apt definition of Enlightenment: the emission of light by an excited electron as it returns back to ground state.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to be un-circumscribed again.

I believe this could be achieved, not through plucking the leaves or nipping the buds–or making gamma ray beams (yeah. . .I’m pretty bummed myself)–but through repopulating the neglected spaces of my mind: balancing discernment with derivation, success with sentiment, trade-offs with gifts–all in all through a collision of ripples!

I hope my excitement electronically jumps off the page!