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We are now in 北京! Our first 2 days were spent in a nice hostel 1-2 hours out of the city. There was only one guy who cooked for all 14 of us and kept the place very clean. We enjoyed eating with him and hearing his stories. 他很厉害。While at the hostel we started to return home in a process called transference. Ben made a very cool 20 minute recording of all of our trip that we listened to blindfolded. It was a great way to recap the last five and a half weeks. We also tried to describe the trip in 4 Chinese charters (called 成语 cheng yu) which are common phrases. Here are some:
The weather here is very different from 云南. It is very humid and very hot. It was 38 c our first day here. Luckily the master chef also provides us with cold drinks, something very hard to find in China. In addition the AC in every room was set to 17 c and was always on. We are now heading to the Great Wall!
See you soon,