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Chiang Mai to the Dara’Ang Development Project farm stay

Yesterday we started the day with another delicious breakfast. We had a debrief about the NGO’s that we visited the day before, talking about what we learned and what our main takeaways were. One of the points that stood out the most, especially from the dragons’ instructors who have so much experience with international cultures was that nobody can fully understand somebody else’s problem and especially as Americans, we have to listen rather than just asserting our ideas. We had a briefing on DDP, a support program for the Dara Ang people where we would be staying in the afternoon and for the night. We arrived at DDP which has a sick three-story tree-house type building with no walls and a balcony/landing facing a mountain. Matthew took about a thousand photos. Then we went to try and help plant rice with the Dara Ang and we were painfully slow and messy in comparison to their swift planting—all while knee deep in mud (Gai fell in). A baby was swimming Fiona is the person to go to for photos of this one. We came back to swim in the hot spring with hot sand at the bottom and washed off all the dried mud on our legs and clothes. That night we played Set with the Dara Ang kids, Avery crushed us all and Fiona and Ryker were so competitive with cheating and yelling that we had to kick them out to start their own “try-hard” game. I saw a snake right before I went to bed which was ironic—on the phone with my dad I had joked that I had been bitten by a snake, earlier that day. Overall it was a great day as usual and a small window into what’s to come with the homestays.