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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Q&A: Swiss Army Knives and Daypacks


Hi, Im 17, born and raised in Montana. Im looking forward to spending the next 3 or so months with you all. I am wondering if we are allowed to bring a Swiss army knife and if a 20L backpack will be a good size for a daypack?


Chris, you can bring a Swiss Army Knife if you want to but it’s not required and it will need to be used and stored safely at all times.

A 20 L pack is a good size for a daypack. Just make sure you can fit a water bottle, rain jacket, notebook/pen, hand sanitiser, tissues, head torch and camera (if you’re bringing one) comfortably inside it (plus anything else you need on a day to day basis).

Jessica Armstrong.

SEA Program Director.