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Hello! My name is Cole and I live in Rochester, New York. I’ve grown up here with my family, and though I love my home, I am excited to experience something wild and new and different. In high school, English was always my favorite class. I began writing short stories a few years ago, and it has become something of a pastime for me. Outside of school, I also love to play my guitar. I can’t wait to explore the musical world of Dakar. I also enjoy taking walks and being outdoors, so I am looking forward to the wildlife and beaches of Yoff.

I have traveled quite a bit within the states, but I have never been anywhere truly foreign to me. I want to experience a new way of life, and I know Senegal can offer that. It will be a transformative experience, and I am looking forward to my changes.

I am so excited to meet you all and begin our journey!