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Hi everyone!

My name is Emmanuelle and I hail from the Great White North but spent the last two years of High School in Princeton, NJ. I am the youngest of three girls and so growing up my home was always bustling with excitement and energy, which I love. I often travel and camp with my sisters and I’m really excited to live with a homestay family and become a part of Senegalese family life. I’ve been involved in sports for most of my life and competed in Nordic Skiing, Biathlon, and cross country running in Canada, and have been rowing for the past two years in Princeton. Being an athlete has always given me such a strong community and has been truly transformative and I hope to get involved with sports while in Senegal! I’m beyond excited to get going on this huge, amazing adventure and can’t wait to see what the next nine months has in store!

See you all in less than two weeks!!