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Hey everyone! I’m Oscar Platt and I am so pumped for the next 9 months!  I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and I live with my parents and my little sister.  Even though I have spent the last couple of weeks preparing myself, both physically and mentally, to leave my home, family, and friends, it still feels like I have so much to do before I leave!

I’ve known I wanted to do a gap year since before I even started the college process.  During the first semester of my junior year of high school, I took a semester abroad at the Island School on Eleuthera, Bahamas.  This semester was an AMAZING experience and was the reason why I became interested in studying abroad prior to and throughout college!

One of the reasons I applied to the Island School in the first place was because my family loves to travel.  And when I say loves to travel, I am putting heavy emphasis on the word love.  Four years ago, my parents pulled me out of school and we went on a family sabbatical for the year.  We spent 5 months in South America, traveling, trekking and learning Spanish throughout the continent.  (Unfortunately, my Spanish skills have deteriorated since then, they are probably as good as my Bahasa).  We then traveled to South Africa for a couple weeks where we did some safari-ing, more trekking, and some shark diving.  After that, we spent our last 4 months traveling throughout Asia.  We visited some of my family in China where I got to practice my practically non-existent Mandarin skills.  We also went to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  My time in Indonesia was unforgettable!  The picturesque beaches, (think “Moana”) and amazing coral reefs were a sight to behold.  In fact, my parents loved it so much that we returned to Indonesia this summer!

I just returned a week ago from Indonesia. (We planned the vacation before I knew where I was going to school).  We spent most of our time on a diving boat in Komodo National Park.  The diving was unreal and I’m hoping to go again during or after Bridge Year!

In my free time, I enjoy doing photography, swimming, hiking, biking, frisbee, watching tv, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends!  All that normal teenager stuff.

Anyways, I am so excited to meet everyone at Orientation and I can’t wait to arrive in Indonesia!  Good luck with the final packing preparations!