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Hey guys! My name is Esha. I’ve lived in Parsippany, New Jersey my whole life with my parents and my older sister. These past few weeks I’ve been busy packing and prepping for the next nine months (which I am super excited for).


This summer my parents and I went to Mongolia (almost as long a flight as to Indonesia) to visit my sister who was working there for there for the year. Once we got there we spent eight days travelling through the Gobi Desert. We hiked the Flaming Cliffs, visited monasteries destroyed during the Communist purge, and rode camels. It was really cool to see my sister in a country where we had never been, but she knew so much about.


I spent the rest of the summer waitressing at a local restaurant where I made more brownie sundaes than I can count and learned the “proper” way to fill up glasses of water. I also got to work with one of my best friends and we definitely ate a lot of those brownie sundaes.


I also got to spend time with my grandparents who are visiting from India to see all four of their grandchildren go to college, grad school, or work. I used to spend summers in India visiting them when I was younger, which is one of the major things that got me interested in going abroad for an extended period of time. Because we used to stay there for a couple of months at a time, I was able to see my Hindi improve, gain more understanding of the diverse cultures that exist in India, and connect with my extended family more than I ever could over the phone and skype. It showed me the difference between visiting a country and immersing yourself in one, which inspired me to apply to Bridge Year.


This past spring, I travelled by myself for the first time when I went to go visit friends in Aarhus, Denmark. This trip was really fun because I was able to plan everyday with my friends and chose how we wanted to explore the cities.


In my free time, I like to listen to music, read, hang out with friends, and watch horror movies. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. See you all soon!