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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Hello Fellow Adventurers! :)

My name is Ellie, I grew up and live in the VERY small town of Wapiti, located in Wyoming. It is about half an hour from America’s first National Park; Yellowstone, and another half hour to any type of civilization, such as Walmart, my job as a river rafting guide, and good internet connection, so I’m often not on my phone. The commute isn’t as bad as it sounds because I find something new to see everyday being surrounded by high mountains!

I really love to do many things as cheesy as that sounds, but some of my favorite things are being outside and accepting new possibilities with open arms. Even though I am from a landlocked state I absolutely LOVE the ocean. I have a passion for marine biology, astronomy, conservation ecology, and environmental science. My curiosity finds science completely remarkable! Another love of mine is the arts, from performing to visual, such as acting and dancing (although I am pretty clumsy on my feet 🙂 ), playing the flute to sculpting, drawing and videography. I also really love my cat Professor Scrappy Doo, or any animals for that matter… 🙂

Truly, I could go on about everything that I have a love for and this would be a never ending post… 🙂 so I’ll stop here by saying how excited I am to meet you all for such an incredible experience!

~ Ellie Wooden