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Hello from Berta, support Staff

Dear students!

My name is Berta, and I will be the your support instructor for the first 6 weeks of your time in Senegal!

You must all be enjoying summer with your families right now, and preparing for your move to Senegal in a month. I am doing the same, as it is my routine in most summers! Having grown up in Vienna, Austria, I moved to Senegal some seven years ago. My family is spread out over Austria, Poland and Germany, and this is the time of the year when I spend a month or two visiting all of them on my home continent.

In Senegal, I am living with a community in the rural region of the former kingdom “Kadior” – in the administrative district of Louga. My main occupation there is agriculture, agro-ecology as we like to say.

This will be my third summer accompanying Dragons students around Senegal, and as every time I am immensely excited to meet this new group for another incomparable journey around this beautiful country, the home that adopted me with such open arms.

With all that Babacar and Angelica have written about Senegal, I can only say how much I share their perspective and the love for this country. In lack of words, I’ll leave you with a link to some beautiful photographs of the landscapes of Senegal:)

I am looking forward to many conversations, fun days, thoughtful moments and reflections, discoveries and adventures with all of you very soon!!

Much much Love!