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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Hello from Vermont

I am writing from Vermont where the air is thick with humidity and the high-pitched hum of cicadas. Having recently returned from the dry, light air of Wyoming, I have found it slightly challenging to adjust to this environment, but the transition has been helped along by eating cool cantaloupe in the mornings, and taking walks to watch the stars emerge after evening storms pass through. Currently a hummingbird is hovering just outside my window, the sixth I have seen today, and I am happy to be here on this August day, present and observing the natural order of things.

Vermont is where I grew up and called home until I was 15, at which point I found myself traversing across this continent and world for formal and informal educational purposes. Since then, the concept of home has been an ongoing question and exploration for me. Five years ago I began leading hiking courses during the summer months and I relocated to Colorado to work as an administrator for Dragons. I have now transitioned away from an office setting, and find my work, with Dragons and other organizations, bringing me to mountains and cities across the States and World. I have instructed multiple courses in India and have visited Nepal many times over the past few years. I am greatly looking forward to arriving in Nepal shortly on a one-way ticket and having the opportunity to travel, learn, and explore with you all so soon.

Reality and history are inextricably linked; each day we write our own stories, and how we choose to include others into our realities can help define the role we play in this world, and thus the impact we make. I recently spent thirty days hiking through the Wind River mountains in Wyoming where I thought a lot about how the decisions I make today, the conversations I engage in or avoid, and the way in which I choose to observe the world can, and will, reverberate out to my local and global communities. We are at a time when harnessing our power of voice and using our intention to listen is more important than ever. It is my goal to give each of you time and space to explore your own stories and to examine how those contribute to the ever interconnected web of this world.

I am very excited to meet you all and to share in our three month travel experience in Nepal together. I am sure you are busy with finishing up summer adventures and are beginning to transition into thoughts about the fall. As questions arise, please post them onto this Yak Board, as there is a high chance others will share similar wonderings. Or, feel free to also email me at: [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks.

All my best,