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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Hey guys!

Hi! My name is Zoe, I’m 18 years old from Miami, Fl ! I’m super excited to meet everyone and get our journey going!

I was born and raised in south florida, surfing, wake boarding, and skating. Doing pretty much anything that involved the water or a board. Once I got my license, you could catch me driving up and down the coast of Florida with my friends looking for waves and finding an adventure. As I got older I spent a lot of time on the road living in my van, either on the hunt for waves or cruising through the mountains in the Carolinas finding a place to hike. I’m very adaptable and easy going and cannot wait to put that to the test with this trip.

I enrolled in this course because I feel that I need to experience something more wholesome and enduring, something I’m always going to look back on and reminisce about. I graduated from an art high school in Miami and passionately studied graphic design and fine art all throughout the four years. Through studying these courses, I got really into film photography and film videography,which are leading me to what I will study in college.

Some other things about me…. I’m always listening to music, whether it’s 60’s loves songs, 70’s funk, or pretty much anything thats got a groove. I love the ocean. When I’m stuck at in Miami, thrift shopping is my main way to pass time, I’m always on the hunt for vintage clothing 🙂

Thats pretty much me. So again, super excited to meet everyone and get the journey started! Here are some pics of me and my art .