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Hi everyone!

Hi, I’m Mila!

I’m from Portland, Oregon, and am super excited to kick off my gap year with this semester in Guatemala! Afterwards my plan is to continue my travels in Europe, and eventually head back to Oregon to land at the University of Oregon next fall.

I spent this summer (as well as last summer) as a counselor at a summer camp on the Oregon coast. I love the work I do there, and it’s a huge part of who I am! Days spent there consist of working with the kids, hiking, playing silly games, exploring nature and spontaneous dance parties, all things I love! (Pic is me being a goof at my beautiful place of work.)

Other things I love are music, learning, doing art and spending time with friends and family. In high school I did a lot of work in my community, mostly related to women’s issues/gender equality as well as racial equity.

My mom is from Germany, therefore I grew up bilingual and also have therefore been fortunate enough to have traveled quite a bit, as a large chunk of my extended family lives overseas. This will be my first time traveling anywhere in Latin America though, and I’m super pumped for all the new things I will experience and learn in the coming months in Guatemala!

See ya soon!