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Hi from Melissa

Hey guys! I’m Melissa, and I’m BEYOND excited to be going to China with all of you next month! I’m from Morristown, New Jersey and have no idea what to write in an introduction. Here goes.

So… Why am I interested in this trip? I’ve been taking Mandarin for 7 years (my skills are still mediocre) and I’ve loved learning about the language and culture for the past few years. I’ve been to China 3 times, but I’ve mostly gone to big cities and towns, so I’m most looking forward to more rural homestays and traveling.

Some other things about me! Singing and writing music is my thing (shameless plug for my youtube channel:, but I also love food (my favorite is Sichuan (especially hot pot)), dogs, boba, Harry Potter, Netflix, acapella (I sang in a group for all of high school), being 18 years old (didn’t know how to mention that I’m 18), the movie Your Name (“Kimi no Nawa”watch it if you haven’t!!), calligraphy, Pokémon, meeting new people, throwing (the sport — especially javelin), and parentheses, apparently.

Well, now you all know a little about me. I also recently cut off about half of my hair, which is why I look different in one of the pictures I posted, and I also included a picture of a really floofy samoyed I saw this summer. Because I really love samoyeds.

Can’t wait to see you all so soon! 🙂

Melissa Tungare